• Doing the Wild Thing | 08/08/2001
    Australian yacht sets committee boat adrift. An extraordinary tale by Sian Cowen
  • We look at what is known and conclude there has either been a misunderstanding or someone is lying
  • Who is Pindar? | 17/07/2001
    James Boyd talks to Andrew Pindar and looks at the story behind the company that champions women's offshore racing
  • LG Flatron wrap | 06/07/2001
    Andrew McGrath describes his heart rending final moments in the BT Global Challenge
  • Dobbs Davies examines the first outing of ISAF's new Competitor Classification system
  • Team Tyco profile | 14/06/2001
    madforsailing looks at the wooden Volvo Ocean 60, Team Tyco and talks to her skipper Kevin Shoebridge
  • Ker 11.3 - review | 05/06/2001
    Such is the demand for this Jason Ker-design IRM racer that seven orders were placed on the strength of the drawings
  • Sam Davies Diary - Part 4 | 01/06/2001
    More lessons learned during the Mini-Pavois
  • Illbruck's skipper talks about his combined Volvo/America's Cup project
  • Sam Davies Diary - Pt 3 | 10/05/2001
    Sam tells how she completed her first solo Mini race.
  • Sam is trying to play down her billing as the next Ellen MacArthur
  • This girl has her eyes set on glory in the Mini Transat