• Thumb twiddling | 06/06/2002
    James Boyd speaks to some of the Volvo skippers about their thoughts for the next Volvo Ocean Race
  • Goodbye Volvo Ocean 60? | 06/06/2002
    Volvo Ocean Race's head honcho tells Andy Rice about his plans for the next race in three years' time
  • New Corby 50 launched | 06/06/2002
    James Boyd spoke to designer/builder John Corby about his first all-carbon boat
  • Course des Phares gallery | 03/06/2002
    60ft trimarans tackle Ushant - some amazing images by Gilles Martin-Raget
  • The Race - with stops | 31/05/2002
    Bruno Peyron unveils plans for another new round the world race, that may conflict with the Volvo Ocean Race
  • Ross Field on the Volvo | 31/05/2002
    James Boyd spoke to the News Corp head about what should be done for the next Volvo Ocean Race
  • News Corps' Irish watch leader was in a state of shock when he spoke to James Boyd about the leg from La Rochelle
  • Slick as Shoeby | 29/05/2002
    James Boyd speaks to Team Tyco's skipper about the Volvo and his America's Cup plans
  • mad with records | 28/05/2002
    James Boyd looks at the 'excess records' problem and Bruno Peyron's proposed solutions
  • Photo gallery | 26/05/2002
    Volvo leg eight start
  • A race of all seasons | 25/05/2002
    madforsailing looks at what's up on leg eight of the Volvo Ocean Race
  • The mad French foiler is in Ocean Village
  • Winning streak | 22/05/2002
    illbruck crewman Stu Bannatyne looks back at leg 7 and says they will be faster than ever for leg 8
  • And the answer is... | 21/05/2002
    to our mystery boat competition
  • Worrell drama | 19/05/2002
    Nigel Cherrie speaks to Michael Worrell about an extraordinary finish to the 2002 event.