• Ear To The Ground | 22/01/2002
    Ed Gorman picks up the gossip around the GBR Challenge in Auckland.
  • Quietly confident | 21/01/2002
    From Auckland Ed Gorman reports on the positive atmosphere within Peter Harrison's GBR Challenge
  • Mine's bigger | 18/01/2002
    The war may not have started, but Alinghi wins the battle of the bases hands down reports John Greenland in Auckland
  • GBR Challenge update | 18/01/2002
    madforsailing caught up with Leslie Ryan on the sponsorship trail
  • New OZ sportsboat | 17/01/2002
    JS 9000 makes its European debut at Dusseldorf Boat Show next week
  • The double Olympic medallist tells Andy Rice why his heart is set on winning another medal in Athens
  • Digesting the changes | 10/01/2002
    James Boyd considers the prospects of the revamped Admiral's Cup
  • Flying the leeward hull | 08/01/2002
    Seriously...madforsailing spoke to former Team Phillips crewman Paul Larsen about his new speed sailing project
  • BT winner's Hobart race | 07/01/2002
    Former LG Flatron skipper Conrad Humphreys recounts his story from the Sydney-Hobart race
  • Assa v the spout | 01/01/2002
    A magnificent photo of the water spout from the beginning of the Hobart Race
  • Finnish defender | 24/12/2001
    After winning the Sydney-Hobart on line honours last year, Ludde Ingvall is back to defend this title reports James Boyd
  • RYA guru Jim Saltonstall tells you all you need to know about this great natural harbour
  • Fastest man in Australia | 19/12/2001
    James Boyd meets Sean Langman, skipper, owner and incessant modifier of the tabooed Open 60 Grundig Xena.
  • madforsailing test: RS K6 | 06/12/2001
    The first successful small racing keelboat to be launched in Britain since the Flying 15
  • Jo Richards | 05/12/2001
    Ed Gorman speaks to the man whose hull was chosen to become GBR Challenge's new ACC boat