• iShares Cup for 2010 | 13/10/2009
    Telefonica Black skipper and Beijing Tornado Gold medallist Fernando Echavarri discusses his future
  • A solution? | 05/10/2009
    Paul Cayard spells out the case for independent management of the America's Cup - which surprisingly both Bertarelli and Ellison agree with
  • The darkest hour | 03/10/2009
    February in RAK is looking unlikely as the 33rd America's Cup return to court. We speak to Coutts and Butterworth.
  • Images of the first two glamorous days afloat for the classics
  • We look at Karl Kwok's innovative Farr 80, Beau Geste
  • Denmark's Jonas Warrer on the 'controversial medal race' and his move into match racing and foiler Moths
  • Back in business | 16/09/2009
    TeamOrigin announce giant sailing campaign for 2010 and a partnership with the Carbon Trust
  • On the brink? Part 2 | 15/09/2009
    Sir Peter Ogden, Andres Soriano, Roger Sturgeon, Hap Fauth and Wolfgang Schutz give their views on the Mini Maxi class
  • Dockside tour showing some of the world's largest and most impressive sailing boats
  • Mini maxi surgery | 14/09/2009
    We talk to McConaghys about the monster changes made to Nevillie Crichton's Mini Maxi Alfa Romeo
  • On the brink? | 12/09/2009
    We talk to some of the owners about the tough decisions facing the IRC Mini Maxi and STP65 classes
  • A bumpy first day of sailing at the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup
  • Long commute | 04/09/2009
    Currently second at the Laser SB3 Worlds, South African Roger Hudson talks about his Race Ahead campaign
  • Sport or circus? Part two | 03/09/2009
    In our second installment OC boss Mark Turner looks at how he plans to grow the iShares Cup
  • Sport or circus? | 02/09/2009
    We speak to Mark Turner about his progess turning the iShares Cup into the top commercial inshore sailing event