• Clean bottoms at Moodys | 25/10/2002
    ADVERTORIAL: Special haul and scrub offer to winter series competitors from Swanwick Marina
  • Our hero | 24/10/2002
    The Daily Sail tackles a cappucino with GBR Challenge's new starting helm Andy Beadsworth
  • Auckland report | 21/10/2002
    Ed Gorman looks ahead to Round Robin Two of the Louis Vuitton Cup
  • Round Robin Two schedule | 21/10/2002
    At a glance guide to RR2 of the Louis Vuitton Cup
  • No2 | 16/10/2002
    The Daily Sail speaks to world no2 match racer Jes Gram-Hansen currently taking part in the Bermuda Gold Cup
  • A beautiful win | 11/10/2002
    Ed Gorman assesses GBR Challenge's form after today's much needed victory and brings us up to date with the latest from the Viaduct Basin
  • The Tall Guy - part two | 11/10/2002
    In the second part of our interview with him GBR Challenge's George Skuodas looks at the competition and explains his role as mastman.
  • The Tall Guy | 10/10/2002
    James Boyd speaks to GBR Challenge's mastman George Skuodas
  • Top images of GBR Challenge and Prada v Alinghi
  • Ed Gorman reports on a nerve wracking action packed third race for GBR Challenge
  • OneWorld diary | 04/10/2002
    Mark Chisnell brings us up to speed with Blackhearts dirty tricksters and the latest 'where now?' theories for the AC
  • See Franck Socha's photo sequence of Le Defi Areva decimating a spinnaker and Thierry Martinez' immaculate shots of Alinghi
  • Beauty on the Haurali Gulf from some of the world's finest photographers
  • New kids on the block | 01/10/2002
    GBR Challenge lose but by narrowest of margins - Ed Gorman reports from Auckland
  • James Boyd looks at the complex route to the Louis Vuitton final