• Your feedback | 29/08/2002
    More debate about the Commodore's Cup and the new Bethwaite trapeze harness
  • Today Andy talks about picking the crew and his other responsibilities for GBR Challenge
  • Behind the wheel? | 27/08/2002
    madforsailing caught up with Andy Green, one of GBR Challenge's potential helmsmen come 1 October
  • Exquisite images by Rick Tomlinson during his recent visit to Auckland
  • The Swedish Holmberg | 25/08/2002
    In part 2 of our inteview with him, Magnus Holmberg talks about the Swedish Match Tour
  • Match race demon | 23/08/2002
    James Boyd spoke to Magnus Holmberg last year's Swedish Match Tour champion now helmsman for Victory Challenge
  • Your feedback | 23/08/2002
    Some heated debate on the Commodore's Cup, sailor classifications and Graham Dalton's qualification
  • OneWorld diary | 21/08/2002
    Navigator Mark Chisnell on the latest from the Viaduct Basin and team building
  • Morty's viewpoint | 20/08/2002
    Farr International's Peter Morton gave madforsailing his thoughts on the Commodores' Cup
  • More from the madforsailing Box Brownie
  • Commodores' Cup review | 19/08/2002
    madforsailing spoke to many of the top players about how they felt the race had gone
  • KOS brings madforsailing readers her top images from the Offshore Race
  • Your feedback | 15/08/2002
    On our interview with Chris Law, de Savary's AC challenge, the Commodore's Cup and the new Pro25 sportsboat
  • James Boyd was out on the water with his camera
  • 25ft of fun | 13/08/2002
    We look at the high performance Pro25 sportsboat from Judel/Vrolijk