• Your feedback | 15/08/2002
    On our interview with Chris Law, de Savary's AC challenge, the Commodore's Cup and the new Pro25 sportsboat
  • James Boyd was out on the water with his camera
  • 25ft of fun | 13/08/2002
    We look at the high performance Pro25 sportsboat from Judel/Vrolijk
  • The Outlaw - pt2 | 06/08/2002
    In the second part of our interview with Chris Law, the UBS Challenge winner gives his views on the forthcoming AC
  • Your feedback | 06/08/2002
    On Chris Law's comments about GBR Challenge and the Commodore's Cup debacle
  • The Outlaw | 05/08/2002
    UBS Challenge winner and much capped 'enfant terrible' of our sport, Chris Law, gives madforsailing his views on the AC and GBR Challenge
  • Your Feedback | 03/08/2002
    Your comments on a weeks news in the sailing world
  • A Royal affair | 31/07/2002
    Images of the Copa del Rey from the Italian photomeister, Carlo Borlenghi
  • GBR Challenge newsletter | 31/07/2002
    GBR-78 to leave Cowes this Saturday...and other news
  • My ride on Zephyrus V | 26/07/2002
    madforsailing spoke to watch leader Gordon Maguire about his ride during the Pacific Cup
  • Cork Reports | 25/07/2002
    From the winning 1720 Babbelaas Bach; Farr 40s; designer Mark Mills on Thunder's win; the Laser SB3s
  • Winner takes all? | 24/07/2002
    In his latest diary OneWorld navigator Mark Chisnell questions whether this is helping the America's Cup
  • Panther's progress | 23/07/2002
    madforsailing talks to an unusually sheepish Rob Greenhalgh about the Tour Voile
  • SMS during Cowes Week | 23/07/2002
    Details on how it will work and how to sign up for it
  • James Boyd talks yachting sponsorship and the Swedish Match Tour with Scott MacLeod, of sports marketeers Octagon