• Clipper record tumbles | 27/11/2001
    American two handed tri sailors break New York to Melbourne record
  • Mark Powell, Andrew Cassell and Ellen McArthur receive BBC Sports Awards
  • My lips are sealed | 26/11/2001
    Sean Reeves is to keep quiet over his $1m design secrets spat with former employer OneWorld
  • Man overboard | 25/11/2001
    Beneteau crewman airlifted to hospital with hypothermia
  • Great America II update | 25/11/2001
    Two days to go for the American duo on the Clipper record bid
  • Five-boat match race | 24/11/2001
    The leading five boats in the Volvo Ocean Race are in sight of one another.
  • Volvo have organised a fast boat to go to the assistance of Amer Sports One
  • Record within their grasp | 23/11/2001
    Great American II endures storm as Wilson remembers his capsize at Cape Horn
  • It's official..... | 23/11/2001
    .....GBR Challenge go large in New Zealand with the opening of their America's Cup base
  • Oh so close | 23/11/2001
    After a week in the Southern Ocean, the Volvo Ocean Race leaders are all in sight of one another.
  • Mission accomplished | 23/11/2001
    The Royal Australian Airforce has successfully dropped supplies to Amer Sports one and Keith Kilpatrick's condition has stabilised.
  • 100 Nations are expected to take part in the ISAF Sailing Games in 2002
  • ...to stay ahead of the record schedule needed to beat the New York to Melbourne time set in 1856
  • Government proposals to help clubs are half-hearted and even likely to have an adverse effect on clubs
  • Australia to the rescue | 22/11/2001
    Help at hand for sick sailor in the Volvo Ocean Race
  • What a blast | 22/11/2001
    As Amer Sports One peels off to collect medical supplies the rest of the fleet is reaching a critical point in the race
  • Sick down south | 21/11/2001
    Amer Sports One needs to get crewman Keith Kilpatrick into medical care, due to a severe stomach problem
  • Records tumble | 21/11/2001
    SEB has set a new Volvo Ocean Race benchmark of 458.5 miles in 24 hours.
  • Laser sailing in the warm | 21/11/2001
    Datchet SC are holding a Laser Virtual Sailing Championships qualifier on Saturday
  • Too close to call | 20/11/2001
    Just eight miles separate the leading four boat in the Volvo Ocean Race