• Star Burst | 16/10/2001
    The Volvo Ocean Race fleet split up.
  • VDH enters Trades | 15/10/2001
    But is taking a very different route to record holder Philippe Monnet
  • Options open | 15/10/2001
    As the Volvo Ocean Racers round the second waypoint off Brazil
  • Somerset Memorial Trophy has joint winners
  • Out of the mould | 12/10/2001
    Graham Dalton's Open 60 has been released from it's mould in New Zealand...
  • Wilson and Biewenga converge with Volvo fleet
  • Neal McDonald reports | 12/10/2001
    for madforsailing on the unusual weather and how he nearly destroyed Assa Abloy
  • Half way there | 12/10/2001
    The Volvo Ocean Race leaders are round Fernando de Noronha
  • Holmberg heads to Bermuda | 11/10/2001
    Holmberg will be looking to hold on to his grip on the Swedish Match Tour leader board...
  • Leading three yachts in the Volvo Ocean Race have rounded the first waypoint
  • Shortlist announced... | 11/10/2001
    ISAF and Rolex announce male and female shortlist for the awards...
  • Neptune's takes his toll | 10/10/2001
    The leading Volvo boats have leapt into the Southern Hemisphere
  • Steve Fossett and his crew break five day barrier with new record
  • EDS’ 24-hour Multihull World Speed Record trophy for breaking the fastest 24-hour run goes to PlayStation
  • Steve Fossett's maxi-catamaran is on course to break five day barrier
  • Five go clear in Volvo | 10/10/2001
    Three struggle in Doldrums as illbruck leads accross the equator into the southern hemisphere
  • Peter Harrison's GBR Challenge have officially started their programme in New Zealand,
  • All change | 09/10/2001
    Andy Rice takes a look at the demands of the Doldrums on the overworked Volvo Ocean Race fleet
  • illbruck stretches lead | 09/10/2001
    Latest positions show rich getting richer in the Volvo Ocean Race fleet
  • No Way Out | 09/10/2001
    SEB's plight goes from bad to abominable, writes Andy Rice, whilst illbruck et al zoom away from the Doldrums