• Sub-10,000 mile mark | 16/02/2015
    As Renault Captur's crew has to make a running rudder repair in the Barcelona World Race
  • Convergence | 16/02/2015
    Bouwe Bekking and Andrew Cape smelling of roses in the Volvo Ocean Race
  • Fight on for second | 15/02/2015
    GAES and Renault Captur close on Neutrogena in the Barcelona World Race
  • Quick pitstop | 14/02/2015
    Neutrogena back on the Barcelona World Race race track
  • Friday 13th part 2 | 12/02/2015
    Barcelona World Race leader Cheminees Poujoulat crosses International Dateline
  • Winning ticket | 12/02/2015
    Teams Brunel and SCA make hay as Ian Walker comments on their route
  • Neutrogena hoping to hang on to second after pitstop in Barcelona World Race
  • Pitstop for Neutrogena | 11/02/2015
    Electrical issues means Altadill and Munoz will put into New Zealand briefly
  • Monster flier! | 11/02/2015
    Teams Brunel and SCA head north in hope of making long term gains in the Volvo Ocean Race
  • Into the Pacific | 10/02/2015
    Cheminees Poujoulat continues to pile on the miles in the Barcelona World Race
  • Coming up on course | 10/02/2015
    Brutal ride across the South China Sea continues for the Volvo Ocean Race boats
  • Cheminees Poujoulat sets fastest 24 hour run of this Barcelona World Race
  • Bang, crash eastward | 09/02/2015
    Dongfeng Race Team leads the upwind slog across the South China Sea in the Volvo Ocean Race
  • Stamm and le Cam now on the more southerly track among the Barcelona World Race front runners
  • Auckland bound | 08/02/2015
    Dongfeng Race Team scores a clean sweep, leading the Volvo Ocean Race away from Sanya
  • As Neutrogena passes Cape Leeuwin in the Barcelona World Race
  • Alain Gautier back plus the race's first Turkish entry
  • Charles Caudrelier's crew does her sponsor (and Volvo) proud in the Sanya In Port Race
  • Another landmark passed for leader Cheminees Poujoulat in the Barcelona World Race
  • The hard miles | 05/02/2015
    Barcelona World Race leaders due to pass Cape Leeuwin shortly