• Trimaran skippers rule | 15/08/2003
    As leg three of Solitaire du Figaro runs out of wind approaching finish line
  • Majority of the boats now in in Rolex Fastnet Race
  • Concertina | 14/08/2003
    Singlehanded Figaro sailors tackle the Celtic Sea
  • Whole lot of nothing | 13/08/2003
    Drifting match for boats trying to make it to the Rolex Fastnet Race finish as Dunstone's Nokia appears favourite for handicap win
  • Match race to the finish line in Rolex Fastnet Race
  • East-west divides | 12/08/2003
    Tactical games being played in the Solitaire du Figaro
  • Is west best? | 12/08/2003
    Clipper Round the World fleet continue their trek up the Atlantic
  • Monohull record likely to stand in Rolex Fastnet Race. Alex Thomson and Emma Westmacott report in from the race course
  • French yachtswoman announces new challenge
  • Desjoyeaux into the lead | 12/08/2003
    As Solitaire du Figaro fleet heads up the coast of France bound for Dingle
  • Alfa Romeo rounds first | 11/08/2003
    Leading maxis now on their way back from the Fastnet Rock
  • Davies off on a blinder | 11/08/2003
    British Figaro girl beats race leaders to weather mark in leg three of Solitaire du Figaro
  • Concertina | 11/08/2003
    Light winds expected as front runners head to towards the rock in the Rolex Fastnet Race
  • Hard upwind to the rock | 11/08/2003
    Wind picks up for front runners in Rolex Fastnet Race
  • Ding ding - round 3 | 11/08/2003
    Figaro's set sail from La Rochelle today
  • Mass kedge off Portland | 11/08/2003
    Sunday night update on progress in the Rolex Fastnet Race
  • Light wind start | 10/08/2003
    Rolex Fastnet Race gets under under blazing sun
  • 29 boats in over the course of an hour at end of Solitaire du Figaro's second leg into La Rochelle
  • Ridiculous | 08/08/2003
    Top 30 boats within four miles of each other as leg two of Solitaire du Figaro reaches its conclusion
  • Out of the Doldrums | 08/08/2003
    Clipper round the world trying to make progress