• Dominant partners | 22/04/2002
    Laurent and Jacq hold outstanding lead as leg one of Transat AG2R nears finish
  • Apples and Oranges | 22/04/2002
    After a sticky few days, Bruno Peyron's maxi cat is now back to covering 500+ mile days
  • Wind dies at 11th hour en route to Salvador finish
  • Will they or won't they? | 21/04/2002
    Maiden just 10 miles off Club Med's record with 276 miles to go. Paul Larsen reports
  • Orange is out of the high pressure system and back up to speed
  • Banging the corner | 20/04/2002
    It's fingers crossed time for Maiden II in pulling out the stops to catch Club Med's record
  • Drifting up the Atlantic | 20/04/2002
    Slow progress for the maxi-cat Orange...
  • The cat is purring | 19/04/2002
    Brian Thompson reports from on board Maiden II, drawing level with the record again
  • The maxi-cat Orange continues her search for a route to the trades...
  • Australian team foiled in their latest bid to break the 46.52 knot barrier
  • What happened to Tyco? | 19/04/2002
    Shoebridge's highly rated mob from Bermuda race Amer Too and djuice for sixth
  • Commodore's Cup update | 19/04/2002
    The Rolex-sponsored event has its first entry
  • Peyron is between a rock and a hard place weather wise in the South Atlantic
  • One week out | 18/04/2002
    Maiden is currently six hours behind Club Med's record, but the crew is still bursting with enthusiasm
  • New Foncia sailing | 18/04/2002
    First sailing image of Alain Gautier's new 60ft trimaran
  • First win for News Corp | 18/04/2002
    Another good day for British Volvo skippers
  • Dalts second, Neal third | 18/04/2002
    Comments from the silver and bronze skippers at the conclusion of the Volvo's sixth leg
  • Catching Club Med | 17/04/2002
    Maiden II has gone in search of new breeze. Crew reports from Emma Richards and Greg Hormann
  • Orange runs out of juice | 17/04/2002
    Bruno Peyron's gang are trying to squeeze every last drop of speed out of the big cat
  • Hanging in there | 17/04/2002
    News Corp and the supposedly slow Amer Sport One remain neck and neck into the Chesapeake