• VDH heads for Australia | 09/01/2003
    Stricken yachtsman Jean-Luc van den Heede is making slow progress under his jury rig
  • How to set up a jury rig | 09/01/2003
    Jean-Luc van den Heede sends us his first post-dismasting update
  • Hat trick for Stamm | 09/01/2003
    As the gale lashed Swiss skipper arrives first into Tauranga on Around Alone
  • Doing the wild thing | 08/01/2003
    Grant Wharington - 'King of Bass Strait'
  • Frustrating last miles | 08/01/2003
    As Bernard Stamm closes on the Tauranga finish line PLUS reports from Bruce Schwab and Tim Kent
  • Wind goes light | 08/01/2003
    For fist group of SAP Cape-Rio yachts
  • Returning to the 70s | 08/01/2003
    Challenge Business announce another round the world race
  • Stamm has a flying march on the rest of the Around Alone fleet
  • VDH dismasts | 07/01/2003
    Disaster for Jean-Luc van den Heede after two months at sea
  • Rich Wilson off on another record breaking voyage
  • Suidoos into the lead | 07/01/2003
    An update from the Cape-Rio race
  • Training and preparations continue for Ellen MacArthur's attempt on the Jules Verne Trophy
  • The storm begins | 06/01/2003
    Jean-Luc van den Heede reports from on board Adrien, mid-Southern ocean
  • All in | 05/01/2003
    Report from the Clipper Round the World race
  • Down to third reef | 05/01/2003
    As Jean-Luc van den Heede battles across the Southern Ocean
  • Cape-Rio part 1 | 05/01/2003
    Smaller monohulls get a head start across the South Atlantic
  • Cape-Rio positions | 05/01/2003
    24 hours after start
  • Four finished | 04/01/2003
    As Clipper round the world fleet pull into Galapagos
  • Bump | 04/01/2003
    Holy heart failure for Jean-Luc van den Heede mid-Southern Ocean
  • First to Galapagos | 03/01/2003
    Another victory for Simon Rowell's Jersey