• More stars for leg 7 | 27/04/2002
    The full crew lists are revealed for tomorrow's transatlantic leg of the Volvo Ocean Race
  • Patience is a virtue | 26/04/2002
    But the slow slog north is proving frustrating for the crew of Orange
  • RORC expect record fleet | 26/04/2002
    for August's Commodore's Cup
  • Only one race sailed at ORMA Grand Prix in Lorient
  • Softly softly | 25/04/2002
    After saying 'no more headwinds', this is of course exactly what the wind gods have dealt Bruno Peyron
  • A temporary repair | 24/04/2002
    Carbon collar has been fitted around the bearing at the foot of Orange's wingmast, but will it hold until Brest?
  • Orange may dismast | 24/04/2002
    Problems affecting the mast rotation system may foil Jules Verne attempt
  • Down under the Tranz Tasman Challenge from Sydney to Auckland kicks off this Saturday
  • As new championship season kicks off with the multihull grand prix this weekend
  • Tomorrow the Equator | 23/04/2002
    Orange still making fast progress towards northern hemisphere
  • Friday will see eight 60ft trimarans, including three news ones, locking horns in Lorient
  • Clear victors at conclusion of first leg of the Figaro class' two handed Transat AG2R
  • Dominant partners | 22/04/2002
    Laurent and Jacq hold outstanding lead as leg one of Transat AG2R nears finish
  • Apples and Oranges | 22/04/2002
    After a sticky few days, Bruno Peyron's maxi cat is now back to covering 500+ mile days
  • Wind dies at 11th hour en route to Salvador finish
  • Will they or won't they? | 21/04/2002
    Maiden just 10 miles off Club Med's record with 276 miles to go. Paul Larsen reports
  • Orange is out of the high pressure system and back up to speed
  • Banging the corner | 20/04/2002
    It's fingers crossed time for Maiden II in pulling out the stops to catch Club Med's record
  • Drifting up the Atlantic | 20/04/2002
    Slow progress for the maxi-cat Orange...
  • The cat is purring | 19/04/2002
    Brian Thompson reports from on board Maiden II, drawing level with the record again