• Getting out of jail | 18/03/2002
    The leading trio in the Volvo Ocean Race are now into the Trades and making hay
  • Fastnet record Fossett's | 17/03/2002
    But disappointment for the crew and news of an interesting program for the year
  • New Hurdle | 17/03/2002
    Orange has had to beat upwind to cross a second high pressure system
  • Geronimo limps home | 17/03/2002
    Olivier de Kersauson's maxi tri returns to Brest
  • Back to the North | 17/03/2002
    Volvo Ocean Race boats return to the northern hemisphere
  • PlayStation en route to break 40 hour record
  • Southward bound | 16/03/2002
    It's stop-start for Orange in the South Atlantic
  • Past Recife | 16/03/2002
    The Volvo fleet has turned to head for Barbuda
  • A problem with the mainsail headboard car put paid to the efforts of a long night of manoeuvring trying to gain some easting.
  • Who will be last? | 15/03/2002
    It's slow going for the Volvo Ocean Race fleet
  • Australian Grant Wharington is waiting for the choice of boat before confirming his entry to the next round the world race
  • Orange stops! | 14/03/2002
    Skirting the Saint Helena High to the West Orange is parked for the second time
  • Left, right or centre? | 14/03/2002
    The Volvo fleet has split in three
  • Difficult days for Orange | 13/03/2002
    Orange makes good progress as they near the Southern Ocean and the expected strong winds
  • Neck and neck | 13/03/2002
    Atlantic three-way match race taking place at front of Volvo fleet
  • Orange back on the pace | 12/03/2002
    Saint Helena High bars way to the South as Orange heads down the South American coast
  • .....despite recent breakages as they race the Saint Helena High
  • ENZA record remains | 09/03/2002
    Orange stalled before Equator
  • And they're off... | 09/03/2002
    Grant Dalton's Amer Sports One leads as John Kostecki's illbruck Challenge falters. John Greenland reports from Rio
  • Racing the record | 08/03/2002
    Orange stuggling to make record time to the Equator