• 40 knot surfing | 23/03/2002
    Orange packs on the miles in conditions for which she was built
  • illbruck away again | 23/03/2002
    Weather situation is variable giving navigators a fresh call to arms in the Volvo fleet
  • Rubber banding it | 22/03/2002
    The distance between the Volvo leaders continues to fluctuate
  • New record for Orange | 21/03/2002
    The maxi catamaran is fastest from Ushant to Cape of Good Hope
  • The blast reaching drag race north west to Barbuda continues
  • The big cat is way ahead of record pace as she exits the Atlantic, but now it's going to get nasty in the Deep South...
  • New Gitana X | 20/03/2002
    The latest in the famous series of Rothschild's yachts has three hulls
  • Ocean Drag Race | 20/03/2002
    Boat speed contest as Volvo Ocean Race boats head for Barbuda
  • Over the Meridian | 19/03/2002
    Orange now making 500+ mile days in the Southern Ocean
  • We'll be back | 19/03/2002
    Further Jules Verne attempt this season will not happen for Geronimo says Olivier de Kersauson
  • Aqua Quorum found | 19/03/2002
    The abandoned hull of Pete Goss' Open 50 has been located off the coast of Brazil
  • illbruck away again | 19/03/2002
    Kostecki makes yet another break from Assa and Tyco. Is this it?
  • On to the rollercoaster | 18/03/2002
    Orange finally makes the Southern Ocean - plus Nick Moloney's logbook
  • Geronimo to restart? | 18/03/2002
    Olivier de Kersauson will not be drawn, but at present repairs halted by strong winds
  • 2002 tri circuit dates | 18/03/2002
    ORMA series is finalised in build up to November's Route du Rhum
  • Getting out of jail | 18/03/2002
    The leading trio in the Volvo Ocean Race are now into the Trades and making hay
  • Fastnet record Fossett's | 17/03/2002
    But disappointment for the crew and news of an interesting program for the year
  • New Hurdle | 17/03/2002
    Orange has had to beat upwind to cross a second high pressure system
  • Geronimo limps home | 17/03/2002
    Olivier de Kersauson's maxi tri returns to Brest
  • Back to the North | 17/03/2002
    Volvo Ocean Race boats return to the northern hemisphere