• Blast from the past | 12/08/2003
    25 Half Tonners will line up in Belgium next week for the all-new Half Ton Classic Cup
  • News from the latest event in the Swedish Match Tour
  • Alfa Romeo rounds first | 12/08/2003
    Leading maxis now on their way back from the Fastnet Rock
  • Concertina | 11/08/2003
    Light winds expected as front runners head to towards the rock in the Rolex Fastnet Race
  • Hard upwind to the rock | 11/08/2003
    Wind picks up for front runners in Rolex Fastnet Race
  • Youth Week | 11/08/2003
    Skandia announce another sponsorship
  • Swedish Match 2003-4 | 11/08/2003
    First match race series of the new season gets underway this week in Denmark reports Shawn McBride
  • Mass kedge off Portland | 11/08/2003
    Sunday night update on progress in the Rolex Fastnet Race
  • Light wind start | 10/08/2003
    Rolex Fastnet Race gets under under blazing sun
  • Parkin power | 10/08/2003
    Winner chosen on finishing places at end of Subaru Flying Fifteen Worlds
  • Final day | 10/08/2003
    Depleted fleets due to Fastnet Race, but more incessant sun for final day of Skandia Cowes Week
  • Hog's Breath | 09/08/2003
    Whitsunday Islands race week gets underway today
  • Joe Fly victorious | 08/08/2003
    Melges 24 Europeans goes to Italian team
  • Surprise as wind kicks in | 08/08/2003
    Another glorious day at Skandia Cowes Week
  • McClaren driver takes to the water at Skandia Cowes Week
  • Tasting victory | 08/08/2003
    Vampire wins J/92 Nationals at Skandia Cowes Week reports Andy Bird
  • Runaway Italians | 08/08/2003
    At the Melges 24 Europeans in Helsinki
  • Wolf devours competition | 08/08/2003
    After a day of light winds and extreme temperatures at Skandia Cowes Week
  • Wolf's cunning | 07/08/2003
    Old tactics give Wolf the big win of the day
  • Into the coast | 07/08/2003
    The Solitaire du Figaro fleet takes a hard right to get the new breeze