Getting the measure of the beast

Ellen MacArthur on her shake down cruise from NZ and her imminent first record attempt

Latest positions

Some discrepancies in this morning's position update for the Transat AG2R

Two days to go

Geronimo on track to break Orange's 2002 record

Approaching Madeira

But looking ahead it will not all be plain trade wind sailing for the Transat AG2R

Laying siege to the Guinness Book of Records

James Boyd talks to sailing's serial record breaker and looks back at the remarkable career of Steve Fossett

Hellomoto sets sail

Conrad Humphreys departs on qualifier for The Transat on his newly refitted and repainted steed

Fast lane south

Front runners 336 miles from Madeira in Transat AG2R

Ahead - but so what?

Geronimo are now outside of Cheyenne's round the world record time, with 1588 miles left to sail
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