VDH flying

Weather changing again as Jean-Luc van den Heede feels the effects of the north Atlantic high

Poles update

Through the Doldrums and today the Equator. An update on Bank BPH's fully crewed non-stop monohull RTW attempt

Crossing gybes

As Orange II heads west in battle of the maxi-multihulls


Thierry Martinez captures the world's fastest monohull crashing through waves off northern Brittany

On track

But what weather lies in store for Steve Fossett's Cheyenne as she continues through the Southern Ocean?

Gaining back ground

Jean-Luc van den Heede makes the most of the northeasterly trades

Catching up

Peyron heads down African beachfront as de Kersauson gets caught in the north Atlantic high

Passing Kerguelen

Weather getting complex again for the crew of Cheyenne

Different strategies

After day two of the maxi-multihull duel between Orange and Geronimo
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