Four men up the mast for six hours Sunday and Cheyenne's mast track issues are resolved

Heading for the South

Roman Paszke and the crew of Bank BPH dive into the Southern Ocean

Into the Indian Ocean

Geronimo continues to make good progress through the Southern Ocean

Taking on the corporate world...and winning

Conrad Humphreys explains how he singlehandedly got funding for a two year Open 60 campaign

Forging on

Good progress for Steve Fossett's Cheyenne, despite downtime making repairs

Lively weekend ahead for Cheyenne

Another big run for Steve Fossett's maxi cat with less than 2,000 miles to go to Cape Horn

Big run for the Poles

As Roman Paszke and his team ride the same weather corridor as Geronimo

Ellen across the Pacific

Drama as the crew of Castorama B&Q have to change a rudder
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