Trimaran skippers rule

As leg three of Solitaire du Figaro runs out of wind approaching finish line


Singlehanded Figaro sailors tackle the Celtic Sea

Whole lot of nothing

Drifting match for boats trying to make it to the Rolex Fastnet Race finish as Dunstone's Nokia appears favourite for handicap win

PHOTOS: Round the ragged rocks

Top images from Carlo Borlenghi, Guido Cantini and Daniel Forster of the Rolex Fastnet Race

Second by a hair

Ian Moore recounts his Rolex Fastnet Race as navigator on board the maxZ86 Zephyrus V

AUDIO from the Rolex Fastnet Race

We speak to key players like Neville Crichton and Charles Dunstone about how they got on

East-west divides

Tactical games being played in the Solitaire du Figaro
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