IRC Weapon

Andy Nicholson checks out the all-conquering Aera, Jason Ker's first 'big boat'

Figaros in the Med

News of Sam Davies in the 14 day La Generali Mediterranee event which starts on Friday

Struggling to make the start

Some competitors may not make the start of the Open 50 class' inaugural Saguenay-St Pierre Vendee transatlantic race

Youth team show down

Teams from Sweden and Denmark to clash in Volvo Baltic Race

Wind speed = 0

As Clipper Round the World Race fleet go nowhere slowly

Stars descend on Newport

For first start of DaimlerChrysler transatlantic race. Dana Paxton examines the form of the frontrunners

North Sea Regatta

Simon Kiejzer reports on the inshore and offshore racer

Munslow update

Following a ramming by a French fishing boat, Mini sailor Ian Munslow describes his plight to get to the start of the transat
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