Looking back at the North Atlantic

Geronimo is ahead of the Jules Verne record, but de Kersauson will turn back if conditions aren't right

Five days at least

Small probability of Ellen MacArthur's big cat leaving next week

Geant update

Michel Desjoyeaux's trimaran comes out of the water

Half way point

Slow progress for front runners in the SAP Cape-Rio race

VDH update

Dismasted French round the worlder heads for Tasmania

Record to the Equator falls

Geronimo in racing form as ENZA's Brest-Equator passage time is broken

Fourth time round

The Daily Sail caught up Hamble's finest Neal McDonald to discuss his imminent loop of the planet on Kingfisher2

Wind plays havoc

Disruption in the SAP Cape-Rio fleet as they attempt to make their way across the South Atlantic high
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