Radich and Baird tied

After second round robins at the Grada Trentino international match racing

Deny deny deny

Team New Zealand are playing their cards closely to their chest

Trimaran opener

10 ORMA 60s will be competing at the La Trinite-sur-Mer Grand Prix tomorrow

Fluky unstable opener

Alessandra Ghezzi reports from the Garda Trentino ISAF Grade 1 match racing

The Snake on alcohol abuse

Our slitherin correspondent ponders the UK Government's latest proposed legislation to stem our gin intake

Winning Tides

Mike Broughton and Graham Sunderland team up to launch a new tidal stream prediction program for the Solent

BMW sign up again

The German luxury car manufacturer will continue to showcase its technology with Larry Ellison's AC team

New partnership

GBR Challenge enter partnership with leading design software technology player

Gloves off in Antigua

Classic conditions and classic racing on day two of Antigua Sailing Week
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