Multihulls at the spring series

Simon Forbes reports on round three of the Royal Southampton YC series

Under the hammer

Sausalito Challenge America's Cup team prepare themselves to sell themselves in EBay's largest ever auction

Lively passage race

Titan retains lead after day two of the Rolex International Regatta in St Thomas

Rain squalls in paradise

Barby MacGowan reports from day one of the Rolex International Regatta in St Thomas

Racing starts in St Thomas

Barby MacGowan previews the International Rolex Regatta

From the sublime to the ridiculous

After two weekends of too much wind, this weekend expect too little, forecasts Libby Greenhalgh

A Midsummer Night's Dream

As 2004 America's Cup regattas are announced and unexpected new challenger comes out of the woodwork

First 'acts'

Dates, venues and formats for 2004 America's Cup pre-regattas are announced in Paris

First challenger

An unexpected announcement from a new Italian America's Cup team
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