Local girl comes good

As Paula Lewin wins the women's series to compete in the Investors Guaranty-sponsored match racing in Bermuda

Hamble Mid-Winters

Eddie Mays reports on the extra racing for some classes this weekend

Lewin lead women's series

Dana Paxton reports from the Bermuda International Women's Match Race Championship

Dunn and Baird out on top

While there is a major prang for Andy Green in the unseeded skippers match racing in Bermuda

Bond and Jobson inducted

Grand turn out and some touching moments during inauguration to America's Cup Hall of Fame

Baird shows form again

After his World Match Racing championship win, Ed Baird is leading the list of unseeded skippers in Bermuda

Local knowledge pays

As Paula Lewin comes out on top at Bermuda International Women's Match Race

Peponnet retains title

After a weekend of mixed conditions at the K-Challenge Pro-Am Cup in Marseilles

Wolf the winner

At this weekend's inaugural Euro Prix national championship

Winning Weapon

Sam Crichton reports from the Corinthian Doors Farr 40 Port Stephens Regatta in Australia
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