Monsieur Fevrier's America's Cup gallery

France's leading yachting photojournalist, Christian Fevrier has specialised in the America's Cup and the rebirth of the J Class yachts

America the myth - part 2

Adrian Morgan looks at 'the race' and whether or not the first America's Cup winner was indeed revolutionary

America - the myth (part 1)

Was America really the revolutionary craft the press made out at the time? asks Adrian Morgan

Cowes Week photo gallery

Views of the action by the madforsailing team

Week off for Green

Amid the innocent looking Swallow keelboat boat class lies America's Cup talent

Dusting cobwebs off Australia II

Andy Rice went sailing on KA-6 for her first outing on British waters

Cow down the mine

The crew of the Mumm 30 Mad Cow Hyde talk of their exhilirating day on the Solent
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