Tornado goes radical, it's official

Hugh Styles reports on the new changes to the Olympic catamaran which came into effect yesterday

Paul Brotherton - a madforsailing profile

The man whose passion for sailing only just outweighs his enthusiasm for Manchester United ...

Some national classes reject advertising

But majority of British class associations adopt Category C

Inter 20 - an awful lot of cat for the money

This is just about the ultimate in machinery for those who like main-lining raw speed.

Queen Mary

Jim Saltonstall looks at the home of the Bloody Mary and a top inland race track

Grafham Water

Today, Grafham Water Sailing Club is one of the most popular inland water venues, hosting many major events for both dinghies and small keelboats.

Sticky situation at the bottom mark?

The first real question in our 'Ask Paul' feature comes from Paul Fox, who wanted a run-down on the leeward marks in asymmetric boats - Paul Brotherton provides it
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