Toughing it out

Hugh Styles faced his nightmare head on, writes Ed Gorman

BT Global Challenge - Leg 1 - 21st September's diary writers, Andy Magrath and Conrad Humphreys, are still leading aboard LG FLATRON, but the pressure is on

Goss launches Team Philips

The maxi-cat gets 'launched' early, reports Andrew Preece

Better and better

The British team is in medal contention in five fleets, writes Ed Gorman

Ian Walker

Team GBR's Star representative talks to

Merlin Rocket Advances - From the Feedback

madforsailing's article on the advanced rig control system fitted to After Hours caused some soul searching by the 'keep-it-simple-faction'

David Houghton talks to Team GBR's top meteorologist

The best yet

A top day for the British Olympic sailing team, Ed Gorman writes from Sydney

BT Global Challenge - Leg 1 - 20th September

Mark Chisnell introduces another report from's diary writer, Andy Magrath
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