Fast sailing, slow dinners

Claire Bailey and PlayStation captain took at 20ft Ventilo cat from Antibes to Corsica
Playstation captain David Scully likes fast sailing and slow dinners, so a quick blast across the Med for a romantic dinner in Calvi, Corsica, sounded like a great way to spend an evening. Unfortunately, his transport for the occasion was not his normaly 125 foot maxi-catamaran, but a 20ft high performance Ventilo sport catamaran. Fortunately, his date was skiff skipper and multihull veteran, Claire Bailey, who cheerfully agreed to make the crossing with him. He persuaded her that they could twin wire the 100 odd miles between mainland France and Corsica in less than eight hours, have a great meal, and be back the next day. Fortunately, the weather was great for a midday departure, and the pair blasted out of Antibes already discussing the choice of entrée. Unfortunately, the fun only lasted for a few hours, and the little boat, named for the compass manufacturer, Tacktick, was left ghosting along in the glazed sea that local sailors recognize as 'la petole'. Claire takes up the story. "My hopes for a romantic dinner that evening were fading rapidly, and the thought of splitting a packet of fig rolls and two stale Power Bars just didn't have the same appeal. Alas, this became the least of my worries, as I felt my bladder becoming increasingly full. Of course, being the conscientious medic, I had insisted on us both drinking plenty of fluid to re-hydrate in the blistering heat. As my bladder reached it's elastic limit, I reached for the cooking funnel and tubing device I had invented earlier. Of course it was designed to fit through the fly in my drysuit, and “hey presto”. Without going into too many details, yet another one of my 'good ideas' rapidly bit the dust. However it was a source of much amusement for David as he