New Olympic discipline - 'speedsailing'?

Former Tornado bronze medallist Roland Gaebler spells out his agenda

Tuesday March 9th 2010, Author: Roland Gaebler, Location: none selected

If you watched the Vancouver Olympics, you may have seen some new and very dynamic sport disciplines, like Ski-Cross or Speed-Skating, 4-6 people on a downhill or oval race course - very spectacular and emotional, the crowds got crazy. And on top of this Red Bull have refreshed traditional sports, taking them into new era.

On this video you see a river of ice through the crowd. We have rivers with water and many other natural race tracks close to public areas and natural amphitheaters. This video is just a creative example what is possible if you re-think traditional sport disciplines. I think it is time to do the same for sailing.

We call it 'Speedsailing'. You can call it Sailcross, Xsail, Sail-X-Games or Powersailing. It’s radical. It’s Emotional. It is the “best of” sailing packed and compressed in a Sailing Arena.

SPEEDSAILING……..a new Sailing Discipline for the Olympic Games?

- Racecourse extremely close to public area (promenade/pier/Beach/inside Harbors/City).
- Sprint-Races. 8-10mins per Race.
- 2-3 laps. 20+ Races/Flights per Day. 2-6 Day Events.
- Starting exact on time between 1 and 35 knots of Wind. This is a MUST for TV and spectators.
- On 4-6 identical High Quality One Design Tornados in the Race supplied from builder/sailors.
- Round Robin Relay and Knock out System with a Grand Final at Prime Time.
- All course figurations allowed. Upwind or Reaching Starts. Just accelerate and go for speed!
- Very very small Race-Area. Complete overview for spectators and media.
- Extreme Compression of Race-Area creates action and emotions.
- Races are commentated and music animated.
- 10+ Camera Positions. Off-/Onboard. From Ribs, Marks, Shore etc…
- Live Web TV via HD Webcams from high buildings, towers and cranes. No Helicopter needed.
- 16-48+ Teams can enter with 4-6 boat flights. More supplied boats, more entries possible.
- Only one Umpire/Judge on course with small and agile Jet-Rib follow the race.
- The Teams pay the Entry + Charter Fee. Fly in and sail the races.
- Event/Regional Sponsors Labels on complete Hulls outside/inside. Team-Sponsors on Sails.
- Sailors from all Nations can enter. Man, Woman and Mixed Teams in all sizes and weights are welcome. No one is excluded!
- Sit-In Racing Marks for Spectators, Media and Sponsors. Tribunes optional installed.
- Most CO2 friendly Sailing Event on the planet. No Coach boats or starting vessel needed.
- Most ecological Logistic Concept in sailing sports. 10 Boats in a 40 Foot Container/Trailer.
- No individual boat transports/container-logistics needed. Just fly in and go sail racing.
- Shopping/Merchandising, Party and Music around the Sailing Arena. Extra income!
- Top price/performance ratio for Investors. Top Media Value. Thousands of Spectators.
- Great turnover for regions, associated companies and partners.
- Maximum Sailing Action for Sailors, Spectators, Media and Sponsors.

THE TORNADO…..… the Olympic Comeback with new race format?
An ultra light 6m long 3m wide Tornado with double trapeze, genniker and oversized sails is the perfect boat for such a 'new styled' event. The Tornado is a well-known brand and often referred to as the 'Formula-1 of Sailing'.

These one design catamaran present speed, spectacular action and emotion. From 1-35 knots of wind they fly a hull. Male, female and mixed teams in every size and weights can sail these light boats.

The Tornado and 49er got also an IOC Award for the best media coverage at Olympics 2008. No one will forget the action loaded Tornado and 49er Medal Races in Qingdao. The Tornados deliver highest media value for sailing events.

On top of this it is possible to use this wide Tornado boat for guest sailing (sponsors, media, politicians, kids, celebrities….) for CMR and B2B Business.

The Concept is proven. We want expand it worldwide. In Partnership with sailors, national/regional boat builder/dealers, the clubs, the sailing schools, Tourist Board and regional Governments.


We are not re-inventing the wheel. We just tune up our sport and combined the most attractive elements of sailing into a water sport arena. Very short races on radical courses in a very compressive race area. Just in front of the spectators and media. Like a Rugby Game. But with the Formula 1 of Sailing in the stadium.

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  • Chr1s 10/03/2010 - 11:11

    Think they might need a few spare boats! This looks like a great fun version of our sport - a bit like the Extreme 40s, but more compact with smaller boats and crews. ring it on!
  • tornado7 10/03/2010 - 05:20

    What a nice idea, but it looks like road show... On the other hand just look to DN circle, no advertising and publicity but pure fun for much less money...

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