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Ainslie Perth 2011 incident a matter for ISAF

Statement from Yachting Australia following the RYA Tribunal ruling

Thursday February 16th 2012, Author: Craig Heydon, Location: Australia

Yachting Australia has issued the following statement:

Yachting Australia agrees any action on Ben Ainslie's incident that occurred at the Perth 2011 ISAF Sailing World Championships is a matter for ISAF.

On 10 December 2011 Yachting Australia received a report from the Chairman of the International Jury at the Perth 2011 ISAF Sailing World Championships. This report was provided under RRS 69.1(c) and related to an incident involving Ben Ainslie (GBR) at the event.

The matter was reported to the Royal Yachting Association, as the competitors’ Member National Authority, ISAF and Yachting Australia, as the MNA in whose jurisdiction the event was held.

Yachting Australia has considered the matter. It is the view of Yachting Australia that, given the incident occurred at an ISAF event and that the matter has been formally reported to ISAF, any further penalty should now be considered and determined by ISAF.

"Yachting Australia does not consider that this a matter for us to deal with," explained Phil Jones, Yachting Australia CEO. "This was an international event that happens to have been held in Australia and involved a competitor from another country. Whilst under the Racing Rules of Sailing we have the authority to investigate and conduct a hearing, it would clearly inappropriate."

Accordingly Yachting Australia will not be taking any further action in relation to the matter.

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  • david_collins 16/02/2012 - 16:29

    I have not seen the details of the incident, but can I be informed why the media boat and the specific race were not both chucked out?!
  • Chr1s 16/02/2012 - 15:52

    So the RYA and Yachting Australia are leaving it to ISAF to add further punishment. But wouldn't a fairer outcome to both hearings have been to forgive Ainslie and un-disqualify him from those two races (he still missed the Medal Race) and do whatever the rules allow to punish the real culprits - the media boat crew and whoever authorised them. I strongly suspect ISAF should be punishing itself!

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