Solo round the world race in big multihulls

Is a singlehanded round the world race in big multihulls the ultimate in offshore racing - as Pen Duick are touting with their supposed event starting from Brest - or is it just a sure recipe for disaster?

Cammas all alone on G3, was

Cammas all alone on G3, was one subject in a French article a couple of days ago...

He'd given it some consideration as they made their way up the Atlantic toward the Jules Verne finish, and his main thought was: 'Fortunately, it's only going to last for about 8 days."

They've got a shorter mast planned, smaller sail area, and different deck gear including leg-driven winch arrangement.
Cammas also said that he tried solo-reefing during the transport home from Brest to L'Orient, and was so exhausted by it he needed to go to bed afterwards.

He said the boat has some advantages to 60-footers, not being as uppity and therefor allowing easier skippering - except for during maneuvers; during the transitions and any sail handling he risked being at a disadvantage.

No comparison really, but here in the TDS forum, although it might be looking like a solitary posting from the outside; it is becoming surprisingly crowded!

Spambots from all over the place seem to have found it is a comfortable, relaxing address during their time off. I'm having to elbow my way through them, to get from one forum to the next!

They don't drink, or smoke, or have any sense of humor - they show a deplorable lack of interest in the America's Cup, if I may say so - and were it not for the fact that it is a Catholic holiday I'd be inclined to send them away with the password to that Italian sailing forum, where everyone's address is displayed 'in flagrante'.

For the time being I can still escape down to the 'private forums', where things are less hectic... but if you don't hear from me in a few days it is likely because they have become so numerous as to physically block all the exits...

Hi David - solo round the

Hi David - solo round the world in multihulls is about the only thing which hasn't been done so far, so I reckon it is a case of 'when, not if'. You just need the appropriate fearless Ravussin or Bourgnon brother...

As to why Banque Populaire - haven't left. I know they have gone Code Green recently and then bailed out. I guess they just haven't seen the exact conditions they want. These records are getting very hard - Sodebo, you will remember spent most of the summer in NY and then never had the right weather window...

If any of the BR crew are reading this - perhaps you could add some more explanation on this.

 Much as I admire skippers

 Much as I admire skippers like Joyon and Coville and Cammas it must be true that a tired singlehander is more likely to come to grief in a big multi.

We know that skippers on the Vendee Globe report knockdowns from which they recover, this would be "game over" in a multi.

I'm not sure I really see the point of really large boats being singlehanded, it's almost a pointless macho display.

And singlehanding unnecessarily limits the number of sailors that could be taking part, two handed has always made more sense to me.

Having said that I think Francis Joyon is the greatest offshore sailor. His singlehanded RTW time will stand for a long time imho.

Design does of course play a part, I think the Irens designs are inherently safer.

David Bains