Sailing grand slam

Following on from John Kostecki's 'triple slam' - he, unless anyone knows otherwise is the first person to have won the Volvo Ocean Race, the America's Cup and won an Olympic medal (alas not a gold) - reader Alex Haworth has suggested the following: <p>

Maybe there should be two true slams?
“Inshore Slam”
-          Gold Medal
-          Volvo Win
-          Cup Win (has to be a win because “there is no second”).
-          World Tour Win
“Offshore Slam”
 -     Solo Record Holder
-          JV record holder or 
-          Vendee (Winner?)
-          Barca Double Win
After all mountaineers do “all seven peaks”, they have the grand slam/”doing the triple” concept in tennis/golf/football etc.

And this is me replying to

And this is me replying to Alex....

You could have a solo offshore slam (which MichDes has) of Solitaire du Figaro, Artemis Transat, Route du Rhum and Vendee Globe

A doublehanded offshore slam - Transat Jacques Vabre, Figaro's Transat AG2R and the Barcelona World Race.

The 600 miler slam - Sydney Hobart, Fastnet, Middle Sea, Caribbean 600, Newport-Bermuda (you could also include Transpac and Round Gotland).

The grand grand slam really must be Olympic gold, America's Cup win, Volvo win and Vendee Globe win. Whoever did that would truly warrant our undivided attention.