Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

I have to keep logging in

The login function stores a cookie so that you do not need to keep logging in each time you visit the site. You need to have cookies enabled on your browser.  This cookie lasts for two weeks for the computer/browser used, after this time the cookie is deleted and you will need to login again.  If you clear your browsing data in your browser you will delete you login cookie, and so will need to login when you next visit the site.

I don’t get the email newsletters

We send a regular weekday email to subscribers, and a weekly review sent on a Friday. First of all if you are a subscriber you need to ensure that you have opted in to receive these. Go to your account page after logging in and choose which email newsletters you would like to receive. The email newsletters come from the address, add this to your address book in your email client and this will help ensure they are delivered to your inbox.

I have a query over my username and password

The system uses an encrypted password, so it can never be retrieved. This ensures your login details are private when using reminders and resets via email. If you don’t have any success with the password reminder tool, please email with your full name and we can assist.

I cannot find what I am looking for in the site search

In the new website system the site search results are not displaying very accurate responses. This is mainly due to a date issue, whereby the search function is using the ‘updated’ date, rather that our nominal published date. This is because of the data migration from the old site creating a false ‘updated date’. We are investigation solutions to this (including using a hosted search engine) so please bear with us. Alternatively in Google, start a search with the following: then add your search query.

I have a query about my subscription

Please email with your query. Please include your full name and any transaction codes or purchase receipts that you will have received.

How do I advertise on the site

As a subscribed member to the site you can post your own personal classified adverts. When you log in , use the link in the top right hand corner. For businesses, please see more detailed information here.

How secure is my personal information

As a business we never sell or rent and subscriber’s details to a third party. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use (links below)