I think the site will take a couple of days of getting use to, but first impression are that its looking great. I also think the idea of User Generated content will be awesome as well. Great work guys, keep it up!

Congratulations for the new page and thank you very much for all your good job these years in providing us with the best inside view of the racing world a sailor fan could ever imagine.
Nacho Postigo / Audi MedCup

When I first started paying for The Daily Sail I felt slightly resentful at paying for news on the internet (that we seem to assume is free!) but due to the exceptional service and enthusiasm that you bring to the site, my £25 is the best money I ever spend on the web each year! Keep up the good work and have a great Christmas.
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James and team, Congratulations on a brilliant website, it was a pleasure to renew my subscription.

I hope to hear lots about the forth coming Route du Rhum, especially the classe 40’s, which is a boat that many of us wanna be offshore sailors can aspire to owning.

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Thanks for the good read and keep up the enthusiasm and motivation.

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Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoy The Daily Sail. Always excellent articles and worth every penny for the timeliness. The Hakes article was great and it was nice to see our new boat get a tiny plug at the end.
P Andrepont, USA, owner TP52 Glory

Good job on the ABN Amro tragedy. Your articles have been very balanced and I, for one, found I am as close to envisaging what those guys have been through by reading your pieces as by anyone.
Giles Pearman, UK

Dear Editor, Please renew my subscription to TheDailySail.com online magazine. It is an excellent online magazine, with brilliant features and upto the date news and events. My account details are still the same. Many thanks.
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On the momentus event of my subscription renewal for an additional two year period (my second two year renewal after an initial charter subscription), I wanted to tell you that I continue to think that you - of all of the sailing sites out there - have got it closest to exactly right. When I first renewed for two years I sent in a note saying that I was taking a leap of faith that the site (as with so many internet content providers) would be around in two years, but that I believed you had a chance. It really is a great satisfaction to be able to not have to call it a leap of faith any longer.

Having been with you since pretty darn close to the beginning, I can say that the product has only gotten better and better. Keep up the great work! Best wishes from a truly satisfied customer.
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Hello to you all at Daily Sail, I would just like to say a big thank you for sending me the tickets for the Southampton Boat show. Could hardly believe my eyes when they arrived today, especially as up to now at the age of 57 (ouch) I have never even been lucky enough to win a raffle prize or even a tenner on the lottery. So thanks guys, warm regards & fair wnds to you.
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Thank you. Very pleased to have the tickets to the boat show. Keep up the excellent site

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I think your website is great. Tons of information, well laid out and easy to use.
D McConchie

Thanks for superb photos and story on VOR 70. Your content continues to be best on the web for the technically minded, and you continue to give the magazines a run for their money. Vincent B. DePillis, Seattle, USA

Keep up the excellent work, now in my second year of subscription and check the site every day, it always upto date and relevant! Cheers and here's to the 05 season.
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I'm an early subscriber and a great fan. In particular for me, you have great multihull coverage, your coverage is timely and worldwide, and you do not neglect Apple Mac users. I couldn't ask for more and really think my subscription is a good value.

It's not an accident that you covered the Farrier F25c so enthusiastically- great boat, great website. Thanks
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I'm a big fan of the Daily Sail having subscribed since October to follow the Vendee, it has far more of what most sailors want to know than any of the magazines!
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John Beech

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Many thanks, and please post videos from any regattas you can. It was very nice to see the difference of Pye[wacket] & MG[Morning Glory] in action.

I think this is a brilliant plan [the Weekend Papers], to catch up with the weeks' news instead of reading the published press which is usually well out of date..
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Happy Birthday to the Daily S - Hope you had a B52 to celebrate. If not, I'll get you at the next encounter.
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Can't make it [the party...], but happy birthday. Keep up the good work.
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Alexander & Jens at the Swedish Speed Sailing Challenge

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Bloody well done at the Transat Jacque Vabre. F*****g outstanding to do the live start with interest. Makes me happy I signed for two years….:) Good job mates, just what yachting needs.

Gordon Kay, skipper Bols

A quick note to congratulate the Snake on his/her incisive reporting on the interesting aspects of yachting. Something our mainstream yachting journo's appear to miss. Keep up the great work.
Nicholas Griffith
Managing Director, Ancasta International Boat Sales Limited

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James Boyds article and pictures (of Wild Oats) were tremendous scoop, I wish I had managed to crawl over her myself. Well done.
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Keep up the good work on the site. Was just thinking this morning how nice it is to get into work and have a sailing website to check up on each day along with the football results. When I was a kid, my old man used to phone up the Whitbread hotline, write down the lat and long positions they gave out twice a week, and map them onto a large scale chart. That was how we found out racing news!
R Bateson, UK

Excellent job you did last night on the AC coverage. Great to be able to read every couple of minutes what's going on when there is no TV available. Even more impressive is the quick posting of photos. This rocks and it is why I love your site and will continue paying for the subscription. Cheers, keep on the good work.

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Hi Guys!
Since I have been spending too much time at sea, on my own too, I keep missing out on what is happening in the rest of the sailing world. I just don’t have the time to browse other sites, other than for the weather, so the Weekend Papers are great! I just download the one file and enjoy the read. Now I just need to find a similar feature with the weeks main current affairs stories! We are generally well informed down here in the Southern Ocean!!

Emma Richards
Skipper of Pindar in the Around Alone

Thanks for the Experts answer following my question on racing rules. I found the answer very informative.
All the best.

Christine Headey, Auckland

My name is Creina Moloney, mother of Nick Moloney, and once again I would like to thank you for your coverage of another great race the Route du Rhum. Being in Australia and so far away from the action it is pleasing to read anything about the race. Keep up the good work - We have been subscribers to thedailysail since before the Jules Verne - also a great coverage. Best wishes,

Creina, Australia

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The Daily Sail is fantastic; I find it full of interesting articles, interviews and photos!
Howard Hamlin
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Great article on Kingfisher2 - keep up the good work.

When I am trying to keep up with sailing events around the world, The Daily Sail is always my first port of call. With constantly updated reports and features that give a real insight into the events and personalities involved, the site really represents excellent value.
Ian Williams,
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Keep it up.


Great idea with the Weekend Papers, keep it coming, great for me as I don't always have the time to catch up everyday and it means I wont miss your article on skiff and asymmetric sailing. Thanks a lot, will have a look now!

You guys at The Daily Sail do a great job running by far and away the best sailing site. I log on most days during the winter and every day in the summer and will definantly be subscribing again.
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I would like to say that we have had a number of quality enquiries since you posted the Chicks charity yacht race story on The Daily Sail. It is clearly a reliable and informative forum and I look forward to dealing with you again in the future. Many thanks.
Bluestone PR

You blokes are simply the only place I bother with. I don’t have time to surf all over the web, but I know that anything worth reading about will be on The Daily Sail.
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Thanks for a wonderful publication that this colonial checks several times daily and that provides tremendous enjoyment.
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Well done..........can't believe it's a year!
Tracy [Edwards]

I would like to congratulate TheDailySail.com for its first anniversary. This is an incredible site for those who enjoy sailing.
Jorge Machado, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Congratulations and Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns. Yours is the best website, essential daily reading and I send you heaps of praise along with good wishes. It's great to be kept up-to-date with sailing news and to know what is going on in the best sport there is. Keep up the good work!
Caroline Marriage

Well done, I'm sure there will be many more birthdays to come.
Bob Williams, Chairman, Antarctica Cup Pty Ltd

Congratulations, Looking forward to lots more birthdays
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Kristian and 4OCEAN Team

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Yours in Sailing
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Thanks for the work you do...I look forward to renewing my subscription.

Mike Giroux

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Adrian Smith Im-Press Promotions Twickenham