34th America's Cup theorising

Russell Coutts on the venue, timing and independent administration
Now that BMW Oracle Racing has won the America’s Cup and announced that the Challenger of Record will be the Club Nautico di Roma and their team Mascalzone Latino, what lies in store for the 34th America’s Cup? Is the 33rd America’s Cup finished in court? While it seems there is no reason now to pursue the Constructed in Country proceedings that are due to be heard in court later this month, Russell Coutts would not commit to whether the longer term Breach of Fiduciary Duty case they brought against the Societe Nautique de Geneve would be dropped. “A lot of these arguments were to get fair rules on the water. Now that has been decided we’ll put the past behind us. It is really Larry’s call on that, but I think we have resolved most of it. There are some important issues to be thrashed out with the Breach of Fiduciary Duty claim - I believe that is an important consideration for the sport going forward to clarify what can be done so that we don’t have a repeat. There could be ways to solve that outside of the court, but you might need to get some direction from the court.” So perhaps not entirely done and dusted in the courts, but hopefully not the scenario where the Constructed in Country case went ahead, resulting in both boats being deemed illegal… Beyond this the principle questions over the 34th America’s Cup are where, when and what type of boats? And at present Russell Coutts says they have no answers to any of these questions as they have been so entirely focused on winning the 33rd. Coutts is also superstitious and one doesn’t get the impression he likes to jump the gun – on Sunday he even stopped the party organizers from pressing the