TeamOrigin reaction to the AC34 news

External Affairs Director and WSTA Board Member Marcus Hutchinson shares his views
Marcus Hutchinson was in Rome yesterday representing Sir Keith Mills’ TeamOrigin at the first press conference of the 34th America’s Cup. A long term AC pundit, Hutchinson holds the title of ‘External Affairs Director and WSTA Board Member' within the British Cup team. So what were the most significant things Hutchinson learned today? “We knew a lot of those things, but the most important were the dates, the publication of the Protocol and the class rule and when we’re going to know the venue. That is good for TeamOrigin and all the teams to finally get some clarity and a stake in the ground. “The neutral management – in the 32nd Protocol, the structure of ACM was not neutral. It was driven by the defender and the challenger movement didn’t have any power. There was a Challenge Commission, but it had no teeth and couldn’t do anything. That is a fundamental - Russell [Coutts] has gone on a lot about changing that. “Then there’s the process we are going through with the WSTA [which runs the LV Trophy series] – the groups working on the class rule, etc.” While he sits as TeamOrigin representative on the WSTA board, Hutchinson doesn’t believe that that entity will become the event organiser for the 34th America’s Cup as Bruno Troublé hopes. “I think today BMW are hiring the best people it can get its hands on with an open mind and with a neutral management mandate to get on with it.” When it comes to the development of the Protocol for the 34th America’s Cup, to date the defender has sent all the teams copies of the 32nd AC Protocol as a working document. “We’ve been asked for our input and what we would change going forward, because that is what they are doing - they [BMW Oracle Racing]