Mike Sanderson leaves TeamOrigin

[Updated] Sir Keith Mills decides to restructure the British America's Cup team
TeamOrigin last night issued the following statement: TeamOrigin announced today that Mike Sanderson has left the team following the decision by Sir Keith Mills, Team Principal, to restructure the organisation. This decision has been taken to ensure that the team functions as effectively and efficiently as possible, in order to improve the team’s performance and ultimately win the America’s Cup. Mike has been with the team since it was formed in 2007. He has made a huge contribution to establishing what has been a relatively new team and has worked hard to keep the team together over the last three years while the America’s Cup was in the courts. Sir Keith and the team wish Mike every success in the future. This morning Sanderson kindly picked up the phone to us as he was midway through evacuating his family from La Maddalena where TeamOrigin are currently training prior to next week's start of the Louis Vuitton Trophy. The crux of the reasons for Sanderson’s departure seem to be over differing ideas between him and other senior team members within TeamOrigin. Sanderson was given the news by Sir Keith Mills on Monday, the team told about his departure at a group conference call on Tuesday evening. “Keith comes from a footballing management world as well and at the end of the day the team’s performance was always going to be my responsibility and I wasn’t happy with the results we were getting either. That is tricky because I’ve always been public that my role was to provide a platform to do their work. My frustration is that I believe we’ve had that platform so obviously I am pretty disappointed with the way this has panned out,” Sanderson told thedailysail One wonders if this wasn’t also due to cultural differences – the lead people in the sailing team