34th America's Cup draft Protocol

James Boyd Photography / www.thedailysail.com
We dig out the main points
BMW Oracle Racing have published a draft version of the 34th America’s Cup Protocol, the document defining key features of the event. Having waded through this 56 page document the salient points we feel are as follows: The Protocol reiterates the concept of ‘neutral management’ feature of the 34th America’s Cup: "GGYC (in its capacity as trustee), Challenger of Record (in its capacity as Challenger of Record) the Event Authority, ACRM, the Regatta Director, and all Officials shall; (i) each act in the best interests of all Competitors collectively, consistent with Article 2, in organizing and managing the Event, and in developing the rights referred to in Article 4.1(c); and (ii) not favor the interests of the Defender Candidates over those of the Challengers nor the interests of the Challengers over the Defender Candidates. The Protocol states an ACM equivalent, to be known as America’s Cup Race Management (ACRM) to provide neutral management of all racing will be set up. "GGYC shall establish and appoint ACRM as a perpetual entity to be solely responsible for the management of on-water race areas and the conduct of all racing between the Competitors during the Event. ACRM shall be owned in trust for the benefit of all Competitors by the trustee of the America’s Cup, and shall be passed on to successor trustees free of all liabilities. The Board of Directors of ACRM shall consist of the Regatta Director, one person appointed by the Defender Candidates and one person appointed by the Challengers. The Regatta Director shall be the Chief Executive of ACRM. The jury this time will hold the double role acting as the jury for the sailing competition but also as what was previous known as the ‘arbitration panel’, ie dealing with off the water issues. A Competitor Committee is be to be established with each team, defender