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Introducing the Morrelli & Melvin designed SL33

Monday December 13th 2010, Author: James Boyd, Location: none selected

SL Performance Race Boats GmbH, Morrelli & Melvin Design and Engineering and Hakes Marine announce the production of the SL33 grand prix catamaran. The first platforms are being constructed and will be ready for delivery in early 2011.

Andreas Labek of SL Performance Race Boats GmbH commented: "Our team has designed and built some of the fastest monohulls and multihulls in the world. We have been staying abreast of the latest America's Cup and world series event developments and know that the SL33 is not only an ideal America's Cup training platform, it will be a dynamic grand prix class."

The SL33 is just under 10 meters (33ft) long with a 5.4m (17.71 ft) beam and 600kg (1320 lb) weight. Fully demountable, the SL33 is optimised for winds of under 15 knots, because so oftne light air proves to be the deciding factor in races. The rig is easy to assemble, take apart and transport.

Lightweight and strong, the hulls and beams are constructed of epoxy carbon fibre prepregs with a Nomex honeycomb core. Its curved carbon fibre daggerboards and rudders are designed for peak performance across all wind ranges giving the four to five-man crew the opportunity to push hard even in heavy winds and seas. Fold-up carbon fibre racks have been incorporated into the design, making the SL33 easy to pack up and transport.

Paul Hakes, who has been overseeing construction of the molds and the lay-up of the first hulls, said: "All stops have been pulled out for the design and construction of the SL33. We are using the very best exotic materials processed in carbon female molds for the lightest construction. We've designed curved tapered beams that slide into sockets creating the best solution in reducing flexing, increasing stiffness, reducing windage and weight, and making for easy assembly. We are doing everything to ensure these are the world's fastest 33' sailing boats."

Pete Melvin, of naval architects Morrelli & Melvin commented: "We keep testing the limits of hull shapes, materials and performance with our racing designs. We have seen quantum leaps over the past two years, particularly with all of the developments that came out of the 2010 America's Cup. It's been a pleasure to share ideas with other multihull enthusiasts and design and develop a boat that all of the sailors and teams who want to experiment with multihull sailing can have in the very near future. Hopefully, it will catch on immediately and a match racing and fleet racing circuit will develop quickly."

His business partner Gino Morrelli added: "It's the right concept at the right time. This boat will be great for lakes, bay and coastal day racing. It's going to be a mini rocket ship..."

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  • 379758 14/12/2010 - 14:10

    Wow, those are some long, high aspect rudders! And boards. A bit of a crowded field with the xtreme 40, Seacart 26, Marstrum 32, Raider 302, Toro 34, Farrier 32...

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