VIDEO: Paul Larsen on Vestas SailRocket Mk2 - part two

Articulating beams, feathering one tack solid wingsails and lifting leeward floats explained
Following on from part one of this video, in part two Paul Larsen provides us with more detail about his SailRocket Mk2 speed sailor including what 'should' happen if the foil breaks (ie it shouldn't backflip this time), how and why the cross beam articulates, the subtlies of the solid wing sail and how it feathers and the role of the unusual hook down to leeward, etc. This is video is 17 minutes long (Larsen can talk...) and so takes a while to get going.  To view in full screen click the icon in the bottom RH corner).   You need Flash Player 8 or higher to view video content with the Kit Digital Flash Player. Click here to download and install it.