America's Cup racing comes to Plymouth

We attended yesterday's late notice press conference and spoke to ACEA's Richard Worth
Despite not having its own team – and it has been confirmed that none of five anonymous AC34 challenges is from the UK - Britain is to host one of the first America’s Cup World Series events, due to take place in Plymouth over 10-18 September this year. Had we known this 24 hours ago we would have discarded the news as an April Fool, for while we don’t wish to knock it, Plymouth is not Porto Fino and we had trouble equating the venue with an event which has as one of the principle sponsors a luxury brand like Louis Vuitton. While it is certainly picturesque, ‘glamorous’ is not a word synonymous with the West Country’s most historic and largest port after it was decimated by the Luftwaffe and little improved by 1950s city council planners, although recently the city centre has been subject to a program of modernisation. But this is decidedly not an April Fool and after several hours of gestation on our part, the America’s Cup coming to Plymouth does make sense and neither side - not the America’s Cup Event Authority nor Plymouth City Council - has been hoodwinked. This is a smart deal. In retrospect Valencia’s Darsena and the surrounding neighbourhood was about as downtrodden as it comes around the time it was announced as the venue for the 32nd America’s Cup. In many ways the reasons Plymouth has signed up to stage the America’s Cup World Series Plymouth is for the exact same reasons as Valencia: Aside from wanting to make money out of the event, Plymouth is keen to put itself on the map, not just in the UK but internationally, and in odd juxtaposition to the cuts going on throughout every area of the British economy, Plymouth seems to have an ambitious forward-thinking