Grant Dalton airs his views

James Boyd Photography /
The Emirates TNZ boss on the America's Cup, Volvo Ocean Race, the new one design and why Camper is the slowest of the new VO70s
Emirates Team New Zealand CEO Grant Dalton was in Lorient last week, to gee on his boys on the Camper VO70 - which clearly worked given their leg nine victory into Galway on Monday. The round the world race legend also attended the announcement about the Volvo Ocean Race’s new 65ft one design. With his team challenging for the 34th America’s Cup and also competing in the Volvo Ocean Race, Dalton found himself drawing stark comparisons between the two events, particularly the costs involved with each. “What is great is that it has been done, someone made a decision - Knut [Frostad] in this case - and has actually attacked it head on, whereas America’s Cup just lost the plot when it comes to cost control and costs have blown through the roof and they are still going up. So that is interesting - a real contrast. You see the background of Knut – he is a guy who has had to raise money all his life for his own sailing, so he is following that culture of attacking cost head on and I think that is absolutely to be commended.” Particularly Dalton endorses the choice of going one design for the amount it should reduce campaign costs. The Volvo Ocean Race as a sports marketing entity, he maintains, cannot justify teams costing 25-30 million Euros (or more in Groupama’s case). “There will always be those that say it is the wrong way to go – ‘it is one design, it is not the culture of the race’ – but when you boil it all down there isn’t any money in the world – it has gone! We think of it as purists, but there is this simple fact that unless something is done it won’t survive – period - because the