C-FLY looks offshore

Funding being sought for 18m offshore foiler

Thursday September 20th 2012, Author: James Boyd, Location: none selected

Currently, C-FLY Coastal is at Portland Harbour completing her extensive sea trials programme. She is based at the National Sailing Academy will be taking part in the 40th anniversary Weymouth Speed Sailing week.This week represents her media launch from a privately funded project, to a high profile  world record setting craft.

The C-FLY team say that they are now actively looking for a partner to provide sponsorship in order to achieve their next project phase; to create the fastest deep water sailing boat, in the world, the C-FLY Ocean.

Philip Kenchington, Team Operations Manager says, "This will be a scaled-up version of our C-FLY Coastal prototype. The 18m C-FLY Ocean will challenge for the major oceanic records. She'll be an absolute monster; capable of succeeding in really challenging wind and sea conditions. She has been gaining significant media coverage from both the BBC and ITV. Her unique British hydrofoil design is exciting both the boating and mainstream press."

C-FLY is a unique British endeavour to revolutionise high speed sailing and recapture the worlds deep water sailing records. Developed by leading aerospace engineers the technology has been proven with a 7.6m prototype, C-FLY Coastal.

Read more about C-FLY here.

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  • 898568 21/09/2012 - 11:17

    Hello to the tech-sailors, This boat is truly a marvelous technological achievment. It is the fulfilment of a lineage of dreamers like the canadian engineers of De Havilland with "Bras d'Or" and Fulgencio Garcia Hernandes with "Volador", 2 hydrofoils fitted with the "LBF" (Lozenge-Bow Foil ) system. The impressive improvment made by the C-Fly team is this flexible lozenge configuration which plays the role of wave shock damper. Bravissimo ! Rémi Laval-Jeantet,PhD Hydrodynamician CEO FLUXYZ

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