Mr Diverse

Ian Roman Photography / Volvo Ocean Race
Robert Greenhalgh on his sailing program which this year will span ICAP Leopard to Moths, Extreme 40s to C-Class cats and much more
'Filing' Rob Greenhalgh into one of thedailysail's neat pidgeon holes of offshore/inshore/dinghy is proving problematic for over the course of this season he is undertaking all three... Having sailed the last three Volvo Ocean Races on the winning ABN AMRO One and then on the less all-conquering Puma and Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing in subsequent races, Greenhalgh can now be described as a round the world veteran. However the former International 14 World Champion and JJ Giltanan winner’s heart still lies in small boats and since returning from his third fully crewed round the world race has gone back to school, learning how to sail a foiling Moth, just having fun out on the water. “Enjoying my sailing is a fairly key part of it - not that I don’t not enjoy it ever, it’s just there are so many new avenues in the sport, you’ve got to explore them all and see what’s best. 450 or so Moth sailors can’t be wrong and it turns out they’re not.” Moth Greenhalgh says he sailed a Moth for the first time last year during the Volvo Ocean Race’s Miami stopover. “At that stage I weighed 90kg, but as the race progressed I started losing weight.” He ordered a Mach 2 ready for him to use the moment he arrived back from the round the world race. “I got into it as soon as we finished the race. I was still mid-80s at that stage and then I went to the Worlds a month later. I was pretty hopeless.” Uncharacteristically Greenhalgh finished the World Championship on Lake Garda in 19th place. Since then though he has been training hard and consistently, and has also got himself a new boat. “Now I reckon I could knock on the top 10 maybe. The thing is that the bar