A letter from the Pindar Nipper

Sophie Luther describes her time on the Pindar boat heading for the Eqautor in the Global Challenge
It's eight o'clock in the morning and I am just getting off the second of my night watches. We are trucking along at nine knots down wind heading towards the Doldrums rapidly. After 17 days at sea we are nearly at the half way point and everyone of the crew has adjusted to life on our yacht, the mighty Pindar. So, to go back a couple of steps.... a few weeks ago Pindar decided to sponsor Laurence Marriott's team for the Global Challenge race and as part of this, they had a space for the first leg. When Andrew Pindar rang to offer it to me - I jumped at the chance. It's over 6000 miles from Portsmouth to Buenes Aires and an excellent way of getting some more offshore miles under my belt. In between being accepted on the crew and actually leaving, I managed to squeeze in my Ocean Master theory at UKSA which has meant I have been able to do my sextant sights and get to practice some of my new skills while afloat. Despite the race being primarily for amateurs and sailing for many of the crew being something they are fairly new too, there is still lots of new things for me to learn. I get to trim, helm and use the onboard systems as well as be part of the tactical decisions, which is one of the nicest things about this yacht - we all have a say in what is going on and are all fully in the loop with every part of the race. What better way to learn? Despite the whirlwind of different events and experiences since winning the Pindar Sailing Scholarship only six months ago, I was definitely a bit apprehensive about getting onboard a yacht with 17 strangers who have