Cold, damp, smelly with severely matted hair

On day 33 at sea, the Pindar team's Sophie Luther does some soul searching
It's day 33 of my Global Challenge first leg and I'm sitting at the computer station of a 72ft yacht and I am cold, damp, smelly and have severely matted hair wondering what on earth possessed me to be here!!! There have been a few moments like this along the way but there have also been moments where I've turned round to myself and realised this is why I love the sport and get such an adrenaline rush from it. These moments tend to be defined by action packed pace, high winds and lots of water but they have also been the simple things - like seeing a whale and a pod of dolphins or a lunar eclipse. We now only have a matter of days left so this seemed a very apt time to reflect on our time on board before the inevitable circus which will ensue as soon as we hit the dock. We are all getting excited about finally reaching our goal - Buenos Aires, some are looking forward to a steak and a shower, others (and I would be lying if I said I wasn't in the latter group) can't wait for a well deserved beer. I am also in need of a lot of cosmetics due to my severe dreadlock situation and the funny odour I seem to have acquired. This is not to say I'm the only one that needs this but unfortunately as I have the longest and finest mop out of all of us I am in need more than most!! ( I have realised why Ellen shaved all of hers off!!) When I was asked to write this article about my experiences out here, I realised there must be two pretty distinct groups that will read it. Some I thought would have been here, done this,