The full picture

Now the dust has settled Mike Golding and Alex Thomson look back on last week's disasters
While readers may have had their fill of Friday's Alex Thomson and Mike Golding debacle - Golding's stunning rescue of his compatriot, followed by Ecover's cruelly unfair dismasting - there are two British skippers currently plodding towards Cape Town with little else to do other than contemplate last week's terrible events. While the Velux 5 Oceans has at present lost two of its three top competitors, with Golding still assessing whether or not he is able to return, the race has done exceedingly well in terms of the coverage it has received; Friday's Alex-Mike story following the carnage reaped by the hurricane force winds as the boats left Bilbao over a month ago. One aspect of the Alex-Mike story not picked up upon was that the dramatic video footage of Thomson leaving Hugo Boss to get into his liferaft was broadcast live from the Southern Ocean. TV for the Velux 5 Oceans is being handled by our colleagues at APP Broadcast in Oxford. Andrew Preece explains what they did: "Alex had his Fleet 77 going and he was transmitting that via the Livewire into our office at 5am [on Friday morning] and we had a satellite uplink truck outside. So it came into our office and went out via cable to the satellite link truck then up to a satellite and down to BT Tower and then it was then picked up News 24, Sky and a few others." This kind of live coverage is what is needed to revolutionise coverage of offshore yacht races and APP are to be commended with achieving this. APP were able to close the call to Hugo Boss' Fleet 77 satcom transceiver once Thomson was in the liferaft although Preece says he and business partner Richard Simmonds just sat there watching Hugo Boss abandoned mid-Southern Ocean