Clipper 2005

New boat and interesting new course for the round the world race
At London Boat Show Clipper Ventures plc are showing more information about their new fleet of 68 footers, to replace their existing fleet. The new boats are being constructed for Clipper 2005, an all-new experience, will break with the established format of the company’s four races run so far. Aside from the new, faster yachts, a new route has been planned and there will be a new boat sponsorship formula, allowing a renewed competitive edge for the international event. The new boats have been designed by Ed Dubois. At 68ft long, they are 8ft longer than the Clipper 60s used since 1996. Despite their larger size, thanks to their epoxy/foam sandwich construction, they weigh two tons less than the yachts they are replacing. Technically masthead cutters, the new yachts have a taller rig and larger sail area. Longer hull, lighter construction and a greater sail area are all vital factors which individually will produce a faster boat - put them together and the effect is appreciable. While not trying to produce a Volvo or Open 60 class of boat, which is specifically for professionals, the new Clipper 68s will provide their amateur crews with the fastest round the world ocean racers in the non-professional field. The Clipper 68s incorporate all the lessons and ideas learned in more than 1.2 million miles of racing during the four Clipper circumnavigations run to date. Fast and steady downwind, their taller masts and higher aspect ratio sail plan make them very effective upwind and give an enhanced light weather performance. To cope with the larger sails, aids such as coffee-grinder winches to be fitted. The latest electronics and communication technology is included as standard, providing everything from instant links with home, to computerised navigation and tactical information from satellites. Each of the new yachts has a capacity for 20 people