LG Flatron wrap

Andrew McGrath describes his heart rending final moments in the BT Global Challenge
I usually try to send a journal to madforsailing at the end of each leg of the race. However, when I arrived in La Rochelle in eighth place, it was such a disappointing result for LG Flatron one couldn't help but feel a bit 'flat' about the whole thing. Our overall lead had been cut from twelve to five points, Compaq were in with a chance. It was a short stopover in France and there was plenty of work to do on the boat so time was short. What happened in La Rochelle, if you are interested in team dynamics was incredible. We were down but not out. LG Flatron was made up of an amazing group of people and in La Rochelle we had one aim - to win the BT Global Challenge. The course for the final leg was to take us from La Rochelle, round Ushant, Wolf Rock, Eddystone, past the Isle of Wight, Royal Sovereign, Nabb Tower, EC2, Nabb Tower, Poole Harbour, a few more in between and into the Solent. Ending a round the world race with a round the cans race was always debatable. I agree that as crews we should be tested in all forms of sailing from the Southern Ocean to round the cans but it would have been a real shame if the race overall was decided over a protest or a yacht getting caught on a lobster pot. I feel that our race should have been decided in the Southern Ocean, after all, that is what this race has been all about. From La Rochelle we set out to cover Compaq. This made the start interesting as we stuck to them like glue! Our persistence paid off and we gybed round Wolf Rock seconds behind them. The spinnakers went