Bruno Peyron interview - part 2

The Race creator Bruno Peyron discusses the nuts and bolts of his second event
This interview with Bruno Peyron follows on from part one published here G-Class A problem with the unlimited G-Class maxi-multihulls is that typically the newest boat is always the fastest - or if it isn’t, its designers should be fired. And the benchmark is now very very high with Pascal Bidegorry's Banque Populaire team alleged to have spent 10 million Euros on their boat. But the irony of this was demonstrated in Groupama’s Jules Verne Trophy attempt – for almost one half of the record, she was behind the pace of the supposedly slower Orange 2. So this too bodes well for The Race. While the new boats are certainly faster on paper, on the round the world race course, the differences are much less obvious and as Peyron points out the tactics for sailing a nimble, lightweight tri will be very different to sailing a heavier, stronger cat - both types having their day. “It is a lot of money, but it is still a lot less than the America’s Cup or the Volvo,” points out Peyron. “If you imagine that we succeed with The Race 2 in putting back this concept of a global circuit for the G-Class, then I am not afraid about the return on investment. We know the results from last time – it was pretty impressive. There is no reason that tomorrow it will be less – quite the contrary.” Looking further ahead, the future type of boat entering events such as The Race could be what the L’Hydroptere team are planning with their new offshore record breaker, the test bed for which is due for launch in Switzerland early this summer. Peyron is eager for their new offshore foiler-tri to join in with his party. “That is completely the philosophy of The Race. Are they going to be ready?